Birra: MALACREANZA, Birra Bertona


The aftertaste is long lasting, much more than you could expect from an Ale. This “Blonde” fits every occasion, it is excellent both to accompany your meals like sliced meat, cheeses, pizza, flat bread and it is also good alone. Ideal to drink in company, always considering that, as we say in Abruzzo, “la troppa cunfidenz è la mamm di la mala crianz”, a proverb saying that too much intimacy could cause discourtesy!

Color: EBC 10
IBU: 30
Alcohol:  4.8°
Plato: 12 °
Serve at: 8 °C
Serving glass: Kölschglas or Altglas

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Product Description

High fermentation lager beer made in the German Ale Kölsch Style, typical of the city of Köln. Malacreanza is more bitter than the traditional Kölsch, due to the higher amount of hops enhancing its freshness.


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