pecorino farindola

Pecorino di Farindola Semi Stagionato 2 kg


This cheese is made from raw sheep’s milk, curdled with pig rennet and put in plastic or wicker “fiscelle” (perforated baskets), according to the traditional “canestratura”. The cheese is then salted on both sides, and treated on the surface with extra virgin olive oil, with possible addition of vinegar or boiled tomato juice. The shapes are circular and the face diameter is larger than the cheese height. The crust color goes from amber to dark brown, depending on the ageing. The cheese is semi-hard with widespread, small holes and frequent “scagliosità” (scaliness) in the aged product. The most important chemical characteristics of the aged product are:
Proteins 27%
Fat 35%
Humidity 32%
Calcium 6gr/kg
Sodium 4 gr/kg
With a fatty acid profile that highlights the presence of a good percentage of unsaturated fatty acids. Organoleptic qualities: scents and flavors of grass and hay, with a slight hint of animal. Very persistent aromas with notes of undergrowth and mushroom, particularly when the cheese is high aged. The Pecorino of Farindola has a spicy character in slight measure, even when aged. In this case, the ageing is just under 4 months, and the crust color is amber-yellow.

Product Description

Pecorino di Farindola is the only one in the world that involves the use of pork rennet whose preparation has ancient origins, dates back to Roman times and still today is the exclusive prerogative of women who pass down the recipe from generation to generation.

It has a streaked rind, the color goes from yellow to dark brown depending on the seasoning, the grainy and straw-yellow paste, slightly moist even when the cheese is very seasoned: thanks to the rennet and the production technique. This humidity gives it slightly musky aromas (mushroom, noble mold, dry wood) and extraordinary pastiness in the mouth.

A great balance between spicy sensations and a good taste of sheep's milk.