Vino Cotto – Tenuta De Melis


WINEYARD: montepulciano D’Abruzzo and others.                                                                                               TYPE OF LAND: medium  dough.                                                                                                                          ALCOHOL CONTENT: 14% vol. 

Product of agro-food tradition.

“Cottos (wine) have their own taste and not that of the wine” Plinius (70 AD)

The must, obtained from different vine varieties harvested to maturity, is cooked for a long time and, on a low flame, reduced by about 1/3. It is stored in wooden casks where it ferments and refines.

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Product Description

Since 1905 De Melis family devotes itself with loving passion to the care of their land, renewing year after year a a wine and olive oil tradition immersed in the vestina countryside, halfway between the adriatic coast and the Gran Sasso massif.

The estate wines grow in this particular and unique microclimate and are characterised by the hard work of men and by their deep respect for nature. These wines are able to give off all the land hints, culture and agricultural traditions in which they are immersed.

Similarly, in this ideal setting are born and grown olives of dritta, leccino and intosso varieties.

Hand-picked, the olives are carried every day with perforated cases to the oil-mill to be pressed.  Oil extraction takes place in a continuous system prior to mechanical milling. In this way, we are given a  green, fruity, extra virgin olive oil with hints of fresh-cut grass.

The taste is balanced and pleasing, with bitter and spicy hints and a distinct almond note.