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Bosco Collalto Adventure Park

The Adventure Park is located in the Collalto wood, in the Lake Penne Nature Reserve.

The activity of the Adventure Park consists in tackling the 10 games suspended between the trees and artificial turrets, walking between footbridges, Tibetan and Tyrolean bridges, all in maximum safety and with the assistance of qualified personnel.

Participants, after wearing the safety equipment (harness, helmet, balaclava and gloves), will follow an explanation on the walking techniques by the operators and, under their guidance, will tackle the various routes.

The ticket costs € 10.00 and lasts 1 hour and a half.
Access to the routes is regulated by age and height.

Reservations required at least 48 hours before because the park may not be open yet.
The journey includes: Climbing, Workshops, Wildlife Watching

Day 1

• Prenotazione obbligatoria almeno 48h prima perchè il Parco potrebbe non essere ancora aperto.

End of journey
Minimum number of participants: 1 person
Price includes
•   kit
Travel time
1 Days
Your guide
Addetto Parco Avventura
We provide you
•   kit
We suggest to bring
•   Comfortable clothes and shoes
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