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Penne and the Gran Sasso d’Italia, Event reserved for members of the Abruzzotravelling Consortium

Tuesday September 14th, 2021 | NewsUncategorized

Guided excursion to Penne, capital of the Vestina Area

06 October 2021 – Free. Reserved for members of the Abruzzotravelling Consortium

Penne is the most important center of the Province of Pescara, for History, Traditions, Monuments. The city lives above all on trade and craftsmanship.

Visit program
09:45 am – Arrival in the capital of Vestino and visit of the city
11:30 am – Trekking from the capital to the Lake Penne Regional Nature Reserve
1.30 pm – Tasting of local products
15:00 – Visit to the Wolves & Hybrids Center
16:00 – Shuttle to the capital of Vestino

Reservation Required
Green Pass Obligation

The visit is entrusted to the competence of guides who provide historical-cultural information and curiosities about Penne. It is possible that for technical reasons and in times of particular tourist flow, the order of guided tours and scheduled excursions may be subject to change without notice.
Our tours include visits to be made on foot and are therefore not recommended for passengers with walking difficulties.
We will see each other soon!