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Sport Climbing, an unforgettable experience

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Children start climbing before they even walk and now you have the opportunity to try this fantastic discipline both indoors and in the gym.

In fact, the city of Penne hosts the largest Indoor Sports Climbing Gym in Italy. The breadth of the structure, together with the tenacity, passion and organization of ASD Vertigo has allowed it to carve out a role of primary importance in the organization of sporting events. In 2003 a stage of the Italian Sport Climbing Cup was hosted, in 2004 the competition of the Absolute Italian Sport Climbing Championship was held in Penne. After these events, the Italian Climbing Federation – F.A.S.I. recognized the Association’s ability to organize events such that Penne was deemed suitable for hosting sporting events of international importance; in 2005 a stage of the European Youth Cup of Sport Climbing took place. This international event and the acknowledgment of its perfect realization allowed the Federation to nominate Penne to host a competition of the Sport Climbing World Cup, for the Association this dream was crowned in 2006. The organizational and technical competence allowed the Association to present itself and be recognized in 2011 by the F.A.S.I. to be among the few locations in Italy to be a “Federal Center of Youth Sports Climbing”.

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The journey includes: Climbing

Day 1

• Prenotazione obbligatoria.
• Ingresso valido per 90 minuti.

End of journey
Minimum number of participants: 4 person
Price includes
•   kit
Travel time
1 Days
Your guide
Istruttore Arrampicata Sportiva
We provide you
•   kit
We suggest to bring
•   Comfortable clothes and shoes
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