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Trekking on the traces of the wolf

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You visit: Popoli, Penne

On this journey you will cross the boundless spaces of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park in search of traces of the rarest and most elusive animal: the wolf. Seeing the most fearsome, invisible and guarded predator of the Apennines up close is very difficult; only the patience and experience of the Wolftour guides and a bit of luck allow you to spot it or feel its presence.

The package is aimed at tourists accustomed to walking and with a good aerobic base, who wish to learn more about a mysterious animal like the wolf and experience an exciting and fun active holiday.

The journey includes: Wildlife Watching

Day 1

• Ore 17.00 – Arrivo presso una struttura del Parco Nazionale del Gran sasso e Monti della Laga
• Ore 18.00 – Incontro con la guida Wolftour.
• Ore 18.30 – Pomeriggio libero.
• Ore 20.00 – Cena tipica
• Ore 21.00 – Racconto.

Day 2

• Ore 7.30 – Colazione.
• Ore 8.00 – Trasferimento e trekking.
• Ore 13.30 – Pranzo al sacco.
• Pomeriggio dedicato ad avvistamenti, trappolaggio fotografico, ricerca delle tracce della fauna del mondo del lupo.
• Ore 19.30 – Cena tipica.
• Ore 21.00 – Appostamento.
• Ore 23.00 – Rientro.

Day 3

• Visita Centro Lupi Ibridi

End of journey
Minimum number of participants: MIN. 4 PERSONS
Price includes
•   Accommodation + breakfast
•   1 typical dinners + 1 typical lunch
Price not includes
•   tutto ciò che non è indicato nella voce “La quota comprende”
•   bevande ai pasti
Travel time
3 Days and 2 nights
Your guide
tour guide
We suggest to bring
•   comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for trekking in mountain landscape
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