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A day with the shepherd in the mountains of Gran Sasso

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You visit:

You will become a shepherd for a day.

It will be necessary to walk a stretch of path in the company of an expert shepherd, with sheep and dogs, learning the rudiments of the trade (the call, how to manage livestock, etc.). You will enter a specialized laboratory where you will witness the processing of cheese and other dairy products. After the typical shepherd’s lunch, strictly based on local products, we will visit a village in the Vestine lands. At the end of the excursion, you will discover that you have learned all the tricks of the trade, should you decide to leave the city and change jobs …

The journey includes: Wellness, Trekking and Hiking, Food and Wine Tours

Day 1

• Una giornata con il pastore fra le montagne del Gran Sasso

End of journey
Minimum 4 participants
Price includes
•   Una Giornata con il Pastore
•   Pranzo del Pastore
•   Visita Guidata ad un Borgo della terre vestine
Travel time
1 Days
Your guide
Accompagnatore Wolftour
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