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Il Rifugio del Pastore


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Located at Village, Mountain | Nearby Castel Del Monte,Campo Imperatore

Five bright rooms with a view, tastily and cheerfully furnished, on a private court.

Info about Castel del Monte:

Castel del Monte is a fortified town set like a jewel in its crown of mountains, built to protect local folk from threat of attack and a need for greater protection. It was originally accessed through two gates, still visible today, as is the ancient castle courtyard, now called Piazzetta del Ricetto. From various accounts we know that the town was built by the former residents of Città delle Tre Corone, forced to flee in the face of constant barbarian incursions. Over time, the settlement grew along the hillside, eventually becoming a large fortified village protected by its walls. All the houses along the outer perimeter had tiny windows as in addition to being homes they were also defensive bulwarks. Research and archaeological digs have unearthed
signs that the origins of the town are on Piano di San Marco, a small karst depression and the site of a Roman pagus under the dominion of Peltuinum. Coins, stone inscriptions and funerary urns tell a story that begins in the eleventh century BCE, while the stunning architecture of the village safeguards a more recent past. The artworks preserved in town recall the influence of its succession of ruling families: the counts of Acquaviva, the Sforzas, the Piccolominis, and the Medicis, lords of Florence, who left two centuries of history here. The Bourbons then held sway until Italy was unified in 1861, when the town was prey to bandits.

Price: € 40,00 per person per night in double room. Half board € 55,00 per person per night in double room.
There is a restaurant