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Yoga and meditation in pure, wild and pristine landscapes. A way to rediscover yourself beyond social schemes and targets, within the harmony and the amazing logic of out mother Earth.

Thinking about the landscape – Yoga and Zazen meditation in Abruzzo is a journey around and within our Being.

It is a cognitive experience regarding human life, reflecting on the relationship between Man and Nature and giving an answer to the natural need of stimuli and energy in pure, wild and pristine landscape.

It is emotion and discovery of yourself and your nature.

The journey includes: Trekking and Hiking, Wellness

Day 1

• h 12.00 Meeting in Castel Del Monte, Rifugio Del Pastore. Accommodation, lunch based on Rita's tasty dishes, the refuge's owner. Castel del Monte is a little village located in the province of L'Aquila, 1345 metres upon sea level, within Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, as well as Santo Stefano di Sessanio and Rocca Calascio, not far from the Gran Sasso peak, Campo Imperatore upland and Sirente and Majella peaks.
• h 16.00 Yoga lesson (1 hour), short walking up to the hill and meditation&exercises (20 minutes). Switched off mobile phones.
• h 19.30 Dinner with Rita.
• h 21.30 Reading and soft music, "Alce Nero Parla" edited by Adelph, an history about Lakote, a famous Indian American shaman, who lived in perfect tuning with nature.

Day 2

• h 7.30 - h 8.30 Breakfast.
• h 9.00 Meeting in Calascio, Rifugio della Rocca (1.460 metres upon sea level). Calascio is the highest mountain village in central Italy. Tiny houses, a fairy castle, few inhabitants... This place is well known thanks to movies as "Ladyhawke" and "The Name of the Rose" . The castle is the highest in Italy (1.550 metres upon sea level), entirely made in stone and located among similar rocks. Its position offers amazing views and emotions, reminding about an ancient past and the unique nature of Gran Sasso peak. Not far from the Castle, you'll find the beautiful church of "Santa Maria della Pietà", where some inhabitans defeated a group of bandits according to the tradition.
• h 9.15 Yoga lesson.
• h 10.15 Visit to the fortress; then meditation in front of the church on the grass. Packed lunched prepared by Rifugio della Rocca.
• Afternoon: easy trekking from Rocca Calascio to the marvellous village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio. Visit to the village. Located on a hill (1.251 metres upon sea level), Santo Stefano di Sessanio offer to its visitors wonderful views of Sirente, Majella and Campo Imperatore. Having only 120 inahbitans, it belong to the "Most Beautiful Italian Villages", as well as Castel del Monte and Santo Stefano di Sessanio. Return to Rocca Calascio and relax.
• h 19.30 Dinner in Santo Stefano di Sessanio at the elegant "Cantinone" recovered by a project called "Sexantio Albergo Diffuso". Traditional and high quality food&wine.
• h 21.30 Reading and soft music, "La preziosa Ghirlanda dell'insegnamento degli uccelli", an ancient Buddhist holy book from Tibet. Thanks to a tale about speaking birds, this text aims to the supreme knowledge of reality.

Day 3

• h 05.30 Wake up sunset in Campo Imperatore. A short walking will lead us to an open space to admire the amazing plateau with its mountains and peaks. Meditation.
• h 8.00 - h 9.00 Breakfast.
• h 9.15 Yoga lesson (1 hour). Then, questions and interventions.
• h 12.30 Lunch based on Rita's recipes, a great way to say goodbye.
• Back to home.

End of journey
The host accommodations
Minimum 4 people per group.
Price includes
•   Hotel in dobule room
•   Lunches and dinners as written above
•   Yoga lessons
•   Zazen meditation
•   Tour guide
Price not includes
•   Transportation
•   Beverages
•   Personal expenses and extras
•   Travel Insurance
Travel time
3 Days and 2 nights
Your guide
Ariele Pittalà
We suggest to bring
•   Comfortable shoes
•   Yoga carpet
•   Meditation pillow
Book now at € 360 per head